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Alex Bakalov
UX/UI designer
Hello, my name is Alex Bakalov. I develop selling websites and online stores. In this case, I want to tell you in details about how I created a website for an English language school in St. Petersburg that uses NLP method for learning English.

"Do Your Best" english language school has been operating for more than 5 years and helps people become to master English in a fairly short period of time. This is achieved by using the NLP method while learning grammar and remembering words. These methods allow you not only to learn to talk in learned patterns, but also to clearly learn grammatical rules and learn to really think in English.

The school management decided to create a product not for beginners to learn English, but for those whose level is already at least B1 (Intermediate). This decision is dictated in order to discover a new market and audience. Because most of the English schools (and others languages) focus on audience that is just about to start studying a foreign language. While there are so many products for people who already have knowledge.

This is how the idea of creating an intensive course on phrasal verbs came about. Phrasal verbs are one of the most frequently used elements of speech in spoken English. You can meet them when watching your favorite TV series in english, there and walking along the streets of London or New York. These verbs are a great variety, but there are teachers of the school identified 200 of the commonly used in most everyday and business situations. During the intensive course, students are not just given a list of verbs to study, but also bring the use of these words to maximum automatism. Therefore, after the end of the course, a person can use them, easily recognize them in oral speech when communicating or watching a favorite movie.

In short, the product is very cool and has its own unique trading offer. You can read about how I created a website for this course below.
Main tasks of the website
Traffic to the site will be conducted from social networks and context advertising.

The main task of the site is to convert people who came to it into requests. In addition, the site should help you build up from competitors and create trust among users. In addition, you need to inform users about phrasal verbs and increase the value of this course in the eyes of a potential client. Show the person what specific skills they will get after completing the course.
The key actions on the website
The main key action on the site is to send a preliminary request at the end of the page. The task of the rest of the site's content is to create product value in the eyes of the customer and work out their most frequent objections.
This course is a narrow product for specific audience. This is why there will only be one portrait of the user in this section
Person with English at B1-B2 level
Wants to improve your English level, learn common colloquial phrases and expressions
Pain: She has a good vocabulary, but has trouble understanding spoken language by ear. There is a lot of confusion due to the fact that many phrasal verbs are used in native speakers speech.

Need: Improve hers speaking and listening skills by expanding your vocabulary with phrasal verbs. During the course, make the use of these words as automatic as possible, so that he can easily use them in appropriate situations and just as easily recognize the phrasal verb in the speech of companion.

Deep need: This is what a person learns a language for. Study abroad, work with foreigners or in an international company, migration to English-speaking countries.

How do we solve this need: The phrasal verbs are specially selected by frequency of use, which makes their knowledge and understanding as useful as possible in real life. At the cource, we bring the using and recognition of phrasal verbs to automatism, which after completing the course gives a person not just knowledge, but a ready-made skill of using and recognizing words. There is no theoretical water on the course, everything is maximally subordinated to the practical application of words.
Fonts and colors

When we have more or less figured out the target audience and marketing goals, it's time to go to the analysis of the site:
Grid and corner style

The grid is the lines that the designer relies on when placing elements on the site.
I decided to choose a grid with two lines: one line contains the titles, and the second line, located in the right half of the screen, contains the main part of the content
Sometimes content also appears on the left, so it attracts the additional attention:
So that the left side of the site doesn't seem too empty, I decided to place small background elements there:
It was decided to make the design without right angles, and smooth them out using rounding. The rounding size was set to 15. This rounding radius is saved in all elements of the site, which gives it a single style:
There is a red shadow behind each card. This is also a single stylistic element that creates the effect of uniformity. It is in all the cards, as well as in the form in the end of page:
The red shadow looks good on a white and blue background block
Margin system

The margin system is a pre-designed distance that we set back from each element. The margins system must be unified and pre-defined.

This will help make your site more stylish and uniform. So that the distances from the title in the first and last blocks are the same and your site gives the impression of being the same to users.

The main types of margins and their size:

1. The distance from the content to the end/beginning of the block is 150px
2. The distance from the title to the subtitle is 50px:
3. Line spacing (interlining) – 1.4
4. Horizontal margins between elements - 75 px
I repeat that these margins allow you to create a single system of symmetry of the site, which makes a great first impression on the site user.
All blocks of the website

1. First block - present the product for 3 seconds
The task of the first screen is to let a person understand in 3-4 seconds:

  • What kind of product is in front of it
  • How does this product cover a person's pain
  • What makes this product different from its competitors
  • Show which key action to perform next

In my opinion, our first screen copes with this task well:

  • The person understands that the site is dedicated to intensive English
  • This product gives a person not just knowledge, but a skill-the use of verbs
  • The product differs from the others by using NLP techniques
  • The key action button is clearly highlighted and the person understands how to submit a request
2. The second block - tell about the necessity of phrasal verbs
Here we tell the value of knowing phrasal verbs. At the beginning, we briefly explain what a phrasal verb is and give a few clear examples.

Next, we present arguments about the need to clearly understand and differentiate phrasal verbs: these verbs are used in international exams, and are also often used in communication on household and business topics.
3. The third block - showing a person the skills that they will receive after the course
We do not give people abstract promises, but show them specific skills that they will have after the course. This block allows you to further increase the value of the course in the eyes of the client and show our practical focus on results.
4. The fourth block is disclosed the core of the NLP methodology
Not everyone is familiar with the methods of NLP and learning and the NLP too. Therefore, this section is intended to provide concrete examples of how neuro-linguistic programming will help you learn English faster.

We show how these techniques improve the remembering of verbs and the transition words from a passive vocabulary to an active vocabulary .
5. The fifth block shows in which situations this course will exactly be useful
We do not just list the situations, but also in the card we tell you exactly how phrasal verbs can be useful. Thus, the person once again gets an understanding of the fact that phrasal verbs are very often used and gets examples of their application in specific situations.
6. The sixth block - tell us about the teacher
Learning a language is a very delicate thing, success here depends not only on the student, but also on the teacher. Therefore, it is very important to show the teacher's face and tell them about hers skills. The demonstration of a person allows you to further increase the trust in this product.
7. The seventh block - shown feedbacks
Demonstrating social proofs always helps to show a potential customer that your product is successful and brings the results:
8. The eighth block - showing photos and videos from lessons
The subtitle specifically says that in the video you can see one of the methods of learning verbs using gestures. This helps direct the person's attention to a video that actually shows one of the intensive methods.

(!) The video in this block is on the left, although all the content on the site was on the right side. This place helps again additionally attract attention to the block with the video and focus the user's eyes on it.
9. The ninth block - predict people's questions and objections
The block with questions allows to answer the most frequent questions and predict the most frequent objections. This block allows you to further convince a person of the need for a course, and also helps the customer's manager not to answer the same routine questions (because this information is on the page):
10. The tenth block – form
A person is very seldom ready to buy something "right now", in most cases, he needs to think. This is the reason why we did not write "buy a course" or "pay for a course" in the subtitle – because these actions are too heavy for a person.

It is better to write a subtitle "leave a preliminary request" – this is an easier action, which does not necessarily mean paying for the course and spending money. This approach also allows you to increase the conversion rate of this form.
Client's feedback about the work
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